Artist Biography

"Creation is more than expression-it's an extension of the creator." - Gary Rudisill
"Art has been a major part of my life since I was very young. My art has been my enjoyment, my passion and my escape.”
Gary Rudisill was born in 1970 in Anchorage, Alaska and grew up in Gettysburg, PA. In 1988 he began studying for an A.A.S. in art at Antonelli Institute of Art & Photography in York Pennsylvania from 1988 until 1990.
During the summer break, Rudisill learned screen printing by trade, which has enabled him to provide wearable art to the masses.
While working as a screen printer and full-time artist by day, the nights were spent prowling for new inspiration with the help of seven or eight cups of high test. Gary's had the pleasure of tricking out ads for fast-food restaurants like Hardees as well as local radio stations and other businesses. Even rock icons like The Black Crowes have been “Rudisill’ed” with his apparel designs for promotional giveaways.
Today, after finding the American dream with an amazing wife and three kids, he has complete creative control with his screen printing and embroidery business, featuring 9-11 anniversary graphics and designs on the backs of MMA fighters such as Thiego Alves and Donald Cerrone. Gary also freelances to other printers and larger apparel companies worldwide.
In 2011, while atternding a Nora Roberts book signing with his wife, Nicole at Turn the Page Book Store, in Boonsboro, Maryland, he stumbled upon a local store that sold various forms of art by local arists, Gifts Inn Boonsboro. While admiring the works of art in the cozy store, Rudisill felt comfortable enough to strike up a conversation about a particular piece. His wife, Nicole arrived in the middle of the conversation and made mention of Rudisill's art. The lady gave him a card and asked for him to call her to set up an appointment to see it.
Six months later in the summer of 2012, Rudisill called up Natoma Vargason at Gifts Inn Boonsboro to arrange a meeting.   She asked for his website, and while on the phone viewed his work and asked how soon he could bring his art to the store.
The first series, The Ireland Series, sold out completely at Gifts Inn Boonsboro, with it's headline piece and most personal to Rudisill being sold to Romance Author and resident of Boonsboro, Nora Roberts. Nora Roberts has since purchase several more of Rudisill's work.
Rudisill was asked to be a featured artist at Gifts Inn Boonsboro on October 29, 2013, the release date of Nora's latest book, which was Book One of The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, The Dark Witch.
If you visit Gifts Inn Boonsboro you can still find Gary Rudisill's work for sale there.
Rudisill's passions vary in subject from lush landscapes to touchable nudes, and soul-capturing portraits to symbolic art. "I strive to inject a little part of myself into every piece I create. Through my eyes, I will take you on a journey of the senses." Black and white are the colors of good and evil—the essence of the life force—so charcoal and graphite are his minions. By pushing the lead, Gary can create contrast and detail that will make you take a closer look.

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